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Why does a business need a website?

Why does a business need a website?

If you’re a start-up a business or already have an established business and you’re wondering if you need a website, the answer is YES. Your business does need a website. A professionally designed website with a robust SEO foundation for Google search.

In many different surveys, small business owners say they don’t have the skills to create their own website or they don’t have the money to invest in getting a professional website created, and a surprising number of people say they simply don’t need a website! Either because they have social media channels up and running or they don’t see the need for a website.

This is changing rapidly and it is becoming more and more apparent that the need for having a website for your business is essential. Especially as Coronavirus makes in-person business more difficult.

Read up on our six points below to find out why having a website is so important and how it can help grow your business.

1. Research shows 70% of consumers research a company on google before making a purchase

This means 70-80% of your potential customers could be LOST before they even started if you don’t have a website. Living in a digital era, your website is your number 1 marketing asset. According to a Radio New Zealand article, studies show that New Zealanders spend an average of 4 hours on their phone a day. Consumers will consider your business less professional if you do not have a website, because in our digital era, they expect the best companies to be modern and up to date with digital marketing.

2. Customers will use your website to find and engage with you

Your website will attract new customers by being optimised for Google search. You may be happy with the current business you are acquiring with repeat customers or regular clients, however, every industry experiences customer turnover. It is important to attract new customers and grow your business before you hit the stage where you really need new clients to survive. One of the best ways to do this is to make your business visible on Google with a professional website & good SEO. According to WEBFX, 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine eg. Searching on Google or Yahoo.

3. Commercial companies in every industry including b2b need a good web design!

The majority of business owners and companies who do not have websites or do not put effort into their online appearance say it is because their client base already knows of them or that their industry does not need to be online. This is most commonly found in B2B and manufacturing companies. What they might not know is that 75% of B2B consumers say that web content and appearance affects their buying decisions!

4. you have 10 seconds to impress a website visitor and 75% of consumers make a judgement on a company based on their web design

If having a website gives you credibility, what does it mean to have no website? Without a website, consumers will trust you less. People are more likely to trust and do business with a company that has a good web design. A website is the first place a potential customer will go to check for awards, portfolio and credentials.

If you have a bad and outdated website design, it will not help your business. It is important to get a website professionally designed to make sure your website makes a good impression within the first 10 seconds the consumer visits your website.

5. Add instant credibility to your business by having a website

You’ll notice most of the points above mention how having a website will give your business credibility. It is that simple. A well-designed website can be your number one tool for helping your business stand out from the crowd.

7. You'll save time by having a website

Whether you are taking calls, emailing or sending out proposals, communicating with potential leads takes time. Your website can save you some of that time by providing answers to generic questions and informing your web visitors about the services you offer. Leaving them with fewer questions when they get in contact with you. By improving your online presence, you can spend your time on more valuable things to help grow your business.

Does my business need a website if it has a social media channel?

You may already have a Facebook page or Instagram handles for your business. Lots of small business owners presume that having social media channels is enough for their business.

Long story short, people are searching on Google for businesses to buy products or services from not social media. Social media works differently from a website and definitely has its place in the digital marketing world – it works as a great tool to drive traffic to your website, however, should not be used as an alternative to having a professional website.

Conclusion: Every business needs a website

Whether you are a small business or a large established business, it is important to have a website for your business even if you already have social media channels set up. It generates immediate credibility to your products and services. If you don’t have a website, you could be missing out on potential customers on a daily basis. Get in touch with the Sleepi Digital team today to chat about how we can get your business online or improve your current website appearance.