SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Get your website to page 1 in Google search results

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a key part of a successful digital marketing strategy and is hands down one of the best, most effective digital marketing strategies you can choose to invest in. SEO will help you utilize your space on the world wide web in the highest possible way and will boost your online presence to the next level. Having the right SEO marketing strategy will help you rank organically, rather than paid advertising. 

Search engines are what give you the best possible answer when you type your search query in the search bar. Search engines are constantly changing their algorithms to ensure that user search results are the best, most accurate results displaying. They do this by “crawling and indexing” and ordering websites according to how well it relates to the users search query.

Search Engine Optimisation is tailoring your website to fit within the search engine requirements to ensure your website is showing up when people search relevant keywords or keyphrases that relate to your business, product or service. There are many different elements that Google search takes into consideration when deciding on your website’s placement on the web.

These include:


When developing a digital marketing SEO strategy, it is important to know and understand the keywords that are most relevant to your website, products & services. This is how Google will find your business and make your website appear on relevant search queries, in turn, getting you the leads that you deserve. 

We will help you understand the logistics around keywords and run extensive keyword research to ensure you understand what people are searching to land on websites like yours, through proven records. We will give you relevant search keywords to implement into your website to get you seen on the first page of Google.

Website Speed

If your website is not fast enough, the result is simple.. People are going to leave your website at the get go. Your website needs to load quickly to give your web visitor the immediate information they are searching for. If your pages are too slow to load, you have lost them at the start – they will go back and click on another website

At Sleepi Digital we partner with one of the best hosting service providers in the world, who provide us with approximately 28% faster website speed immediately. We know how to speed your website up and we will make sure your visitors are getting the best experience with your website pages appearing in front of them, immediately.

Website Security

Google is big on promoting secure websites. This is so that they can do their part in making the internet a safer place. 

HTTPS & SSL Certificates are ranking signals for Google’s search engines. It is essential that you have these two security measures in place so that you are not falling behind in SEO ranking. 

These implementations apply to all sites, not just sites with personal information on them. Every website is vulnerable to security issues and it is important to take these precautionary measures, for you and for Google. 

Under all our SEO plans we will check these security measures for you and put HTTPS and SSL certificates in place to make sure that your site is safe and secure.

Title Tags

Page Title Tags are what your web page link looks like when it appears in Google search (above Meta Description). It is important to have your title tags well structured to get the best results, click throughs & Google ranking. Like your meta descriptions, they need to be relevant, concise and captivating.

All of our SEO plans at Sleepi Digital include re writing your website’s title tags to make sure you are getting the clicks you need to generate revenue!


The structure of your headings also contribute to how Google search engines will rank your website. You need the relevant keywords featured in your heading one and subheadings to make sure Google knows that your content is going to be relevant to the person who is searching for the keywords you are trying to rank for.

We will go over all your headings and make changes accordingly so that your pages will be seen!

Page Content

Page content is simply the content you have put on your website pages. If you want to be on page 1 on Google, it is important to implement the right keywords that are relevant to your business. 

We have tools that tell us the search volume of current keywords in real time. Trends are constantly changing and it is important to keep up with these trends so that you can stay on top of your competitors.

Keywords are not the only thing that are important for your website content. Making sure your content is highly readable to Google search engine and your website visitors is also extremely important. 

We will provide you with a content planning document that will guide you through:

After you or your copywriter have re-written your content we will put it through our content checker to tell you how readable it is and how it will be received by Google. Before making the content live on your website, we will make sure that your content is complying with Google standards and is going to be easy and useful for your web visitors.

Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are the few lines of text that show up under the links to your website pages when your website shows up in Google search results. These need to be relevant, concise and captivating. These are what will make the user click on your website over the ones listed above or below yours. 

The more clicks your website links get, the higher Google will rank your website in search results. The amount of clicks your website gets tells Google that your website is giving the best answers and is a good solution for the keyword or key phrase the user is typing in as a search query.

At Sleepi Digital we will diversify your meta descriptions with different relevant keywords to make sure you are not missing out on selling your products or services by writing the same information/keywords in each meta description. This makes you have a better chance of getting high volume click through rates.

Off Page SEO/Backlinking

Off Page SEO or back-linking is when other related websites endorse you on their website. This gives Google or search engines the confidence that your website is legitimate and has good information that will be helpful to the users who are searching for keywords or key-phrases related to your industry. 

It is important to remember that backlinks need to come from reputable websites, if they are coming from non relevant or untrustworthy websites Google will penalise your website and you will fall behind instead of ranking higher.

We will ensure that we engage you with the right people who are reputable in your industry to conduct successful back-linking that will get you the results Google is looking for.

Local SEO

Local SEO is important, especially if you work locally in the community. This will help people who are searching local, for companies like you, find you! For example “Builders in Auckland” or “Builders near me”. There is free advertising space in Google to showcase your product or service (Google My Business), and taking advantage of the GMB platform can generate you more leads! 

At Sleepi Digital we will set up your business on Google My Business in a way that utilizes all features to their full potential to make you stand out from the rest.

Mobile Friendly

Having a mobile friendly website is ESSENTIAL! Google will not display your website in mobile search results if your website is not responsive and functional on all devices. 

It is essential that your website (images and content) display properly on mobile devices and because Google uses a mobile first indexing policy, this could heavily affect your entire website if it is not displaying properly on mobile devices. 

During our website design process, we ensure that your website is looking slick and displaying properly on ALL devices (tablet, mobile & desktop). If you already have a current website that is not optimised for mobile devices, we will fix it for you to make sure you are not missing out on this important factor search engines look for.

How Will SEO Benefit Your Business?

SEO will take your online presence to the next level. While paid advertising, for example; Google Ads, does generate leads and more website visitors, search engines are still the main way people get to websites, which makes it most important to utilize this space on the web. 

SEO is one of the most rewarding investments you can make in digital marketing. Simply because, if it is set up correctly, your website will continue to generate traffic and revenue. Whereas paid advertising such as Google Ads stops as soon as you stop paying.

We say take full advantage of Google’s search engine and get your free piece of real estate perched on top of all the others by having great SEO.

You will see more web visitors, generate more leads and turnover more revenue!

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