WordPress Hosting NZ

We offer safe and secure WordPress hosting & maintenance.

What is hosting and maintenance?

Web hosting is what makes your website visible on the world wide web! It is that simple. Website hosting providers provide the technology and services needed for your website or web pages to be viewed on the internet.

Website maintenance is the process of keeping your WordPress website up to date with the latest version of plugins & platforms available. Here at Sleepi Digital it also includes many other services depending on the hosting plan you choose with your website design & development package. Click here to see what we include in our hosting and maintenance plan.

Why is it important to have a good hosting service and website maintenance?

Hosting is like the foundations of your website – it is important to choose a good hosting provider to ensure your website is built properly and is safe, secure and has a high loading speed. That’s why at Sleepi Digital, we have tried and tested different host providers and now partner with one of the most endorsed and high end hosting services in the world, to make sure we are giving you the best service on the market.

It is extremely important to keep your website updated to the latest platform and plugins to maintain high performance and to keep your site safe and secure. If your website is not updated continuously, your plugins and WP platform will become out of date. When this happens, your site is more vulnerable to security vulnerabilities. Having the latest updates on your website will ensure security issues have been patched and plugins are safe and secure, resulting in a high performing website with good security.

What’s included in our hosting and maintenance plans?

We offer the most premium hosting and maintenance service to our clients, as a first port of call, to ensure the websites we build are in good hands for their entire life.

Our hosting service handles all major updates to ensure your WordPress site stays up to date, and tests the minor updates before updating them.

We will order you an SSL certificate for your website as soon as we make it go live to ensure all card transactions, data transfer and logins are secure.

You will enjoy an average of 27% faster load times by switching to our partnered hosting service.

Our hosting service dynamically detects and blocks malicious behaviour.

We will perform daily backups on your website to give you peace of mind.

Bounce back with our recovery help if, in the unlikely event, your website is compromised.

Your plugins will be updated at a minimum of once a month. You will receive one hour of technical service from one of our WordPress experts for any issues that may arise during plugin updates.

We will constantly monitor your website for security updates and will notify you if we think your site could be at risk with necessary next steps to take.

We will scan your website for disallowed plugins to prevent plugin issues.

Visit your wordpress site in real time while we are building it

Our hosting plans allow us to access WordPress pre-installed so that we can build your website immediately onto the hosting platform. Allowing you to visit your wordpress site development/temporary URL in real-time at any time after the mockup has been approved. 

For more information on our premium hosting plan or other hosting plans, please get in touch with our support team to talk to a WordPress expert.

Changing over to our hosting service

Want to migrate your website to our hosting and maintenance service? You’ll experience no downtime and approximately 27% faster load times. We will complete your migration in a day and you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Want to talk to us about your up and coming project?