Precision Monitoring

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Precision Monitoring is a Auckland based B2B company that sell products to help tracking and monitoring in the cold chain. These products consist of data loggers, real time trackers, visibility services and wireless systems. The products they supply help our food and medical industries deliver fresh products.

Our Role

Our role was to design and develop an easy to navigate WordPress website to showcase the products Precision Monitoring sell, as well as provide the tools and resources their clients need to utilise the products in the best way possible.

Key Features

We have created this website to be responsive across mobile, tablet and desktop. This means that the content and images scale according to the different screen sizes your website is being viewed on. Making it easy to navigate and read on any device. This website feature is very important for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Throughout the design process we focus on how the user will navigate through the website and make sure the user experience is as easy and user friendly as possible. Easy navigation, design consistency and usability are what we achieve with UX design.

We use animations to create user interaction and attract attention to where we would like the user to read or click. Animations are also used as a modern feature to make your website look modern, fresh and up to date.

Personalised and responsive contact forms assist in getting more leads and allowing the user to easily contact you about your business, products or services. Contact forms make it easy for you to collect any information that will be helpful in assisting your potential client and can prevent the need to reply to an inquiry with questions that could have been asked initially in your contact form.

Social icons allow your website visitor to validate your business by checking your social profiles. This creates trust and legitimacy for your website visitor. Social links can also be helpful in getting a bigger social media following and brand exposure.

Making it as easy as possible for your website visitors to find your physical location. In one click, Google maps will open and can direct them right up until they reach your office/location.

We have created a categorised blog on this website. This means you can feature any blog post (categorised or not) on different pages of your website & they will automatically pull through to the same blog post. Blog posts are a great way to drive traffic to your website & give users insightful information that will drive them to trust that your company is knowledgeable and worthy of working with.

Flip boxes are animated boxes that flip to the other side when the user hovers over them. This is a neat and tidy way of displaying information. These could be used for things such as non e-commerce products and service boxes.

Chat Bots are used for instant interaction with your web visitors. It is important to be there 24/7 for your web visitors in case they have a question they need answered immediately. Our chat bot can generate leads, capture information (name, email), help you convert clients fast, respond with a chat pathway setup & it is just as easy to use as Facebook messenger with its easy to use App interface.

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